Week 8 Genuises Essay

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Tabitha Martin
PSY480-90/ Fryxell
March 11, 2015

Extreme Geniuses

For this week we researched extreme geniuses; what exactly makes them different psychologically than the average Joe if there is indeed anything. For centuries there have been those researching whether or not there is a link between being a genius and mental illness; does either one of these factors contribute to the other. Do we all the mental capacity to be classified as a genius or are there certain genetic factors that contribute to this. Over the course of centuries there have been countless individuals that have been graced by this so-called “gift from the gods”; a sort of divine madness such as the Greeks called it. Some of the greatest composers, artists, and Presidents were said to be geniuses and all suffered from some sort of mental illnesses as well. Abraham Lincoln one of the greatest leaders of all time was said to have a genetic history of depression and he to struggle with this mental illness. The great musical composer Ludwig Von Beethoven was said to be bipolar, he would have fits of mania and it was during his down periods that most of his greatest works were composed. Sadly, that was also when he contemplated suicide, as he told his brothers in letters throughout his life. Scholars still debate what mental illness and issues plagues Charles Darwin. Darwin’s fear of people meant he would even avoid conversations with his own children, writing, “I am forced to live… very quietly and am able to see scarcely anybody and cannot even talk long with my nearest relations.” Much of his voyage on the Beagle he was virtually incapacitated the entire time. No one can be sure of these diagnosis of these men however they are the creative geniuses, and prestigious political leaders of our time. The difference between just being intelligent and being geniuses is creativity. Through the research I found most geniuses did not score as high on the IQ test as other intelligent people who scored through the roof on the test. The one difference is creativity. Creativity is that essential component that not all intelligent people possess, but geniuses require. Someone could have an IQ of 170, yet get lost inside of a paper bag,