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There are human service organizations that need funding and there are funders that need human service organizations. Many people are without healthcare and live in not so healthy parts of the world. The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation is here to try to get as many people to have healthcare and be healthy as possible.
The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation (RWJF) is a foundation that wants to help people to be healthy and get healthcare. The mission is to improve health and healthcare for everyone. The priorities that the RWJF look at are childhood obesity, coverage, human capital, pioneer, public health, quality/equality, and vulnerable populations. There are many foundations that help human service agencies this is one that seems to go above to help people in need. Robert Wood Johnson is the founder of the RWJF and built the family firm of Johnson & Johnson. He had a vision of wanting to help people and when he was able to start his business there was no one refused service. He wanted to make sure that everyone was in good health. One of the RWJF projects is childhood obesity. The goal for this program is to reverse childhood obesity by 2015. They want to have healthier foods in schools, increase the opportunity for more physical activity. The focus is in six priorities for childhood obesity school food and beverages, healthy affordable food, physical activity at school, pricing strategies, physical activity in communities and marketing to kids. Many people and schools are on a budget so people watch what they are spending. People want items that last as long as possible, such as making meals up that can be put in the crock pot or meals that will have leftovers. Making healthy food more affordable people can incorporate this healthier lifestyle into their life. Schools could afford the healthier food if it were less expensive as well. Reducing the marketing of unhealthy food would make people want less of the like the saying, out of sight out of mind. The RWJF funds local organizations to help make changes advocating for healthier polices, and providing grants to support research. Coverage is another project that the RWJF works on. RWJF funds State Health Access Data Assistance Center (SHADAC). SHADAC helps states monitor and understand trends in rates of health insurance coverage. Human capital seeks out people who whose work advances health and healthcare.…