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The three different companies that I would discuss includes the MacDonald’s, a public city hospital and a small community Fitness Center. MacDonald’s is a fast food restaurant found throughout the United States and in some foreign countries. There are over 35,000 MacDonald’s and over 1.8 million employees (McDonald's System, 2014). Customers can dine in the restaurant or they can take advantage of the drive thru service. They cater for breakfast, lunch and dinner orders. This company input includes the employees, and the raw materials. There are different types of employees, they have the waiters, who serves as the cashiers, and the cleaners, and then there is the manager. On a daily basis, the waiters takes orders and fill those orders. The company gets its input from various companies, examples of this the bread, the lettuce, the tomatoes, the chicken and the potatoes.
Several MacDonald’s operate on a twenty four hours basis. The services is fast, as a customer you can get their order in under ten minutes. The employees requires a basic education, high school diploma and the company usually provides training for the employees. However, according to one report the most of the managers has 18 credits of college equivalent credits (McDonald's System, 2014).The output of this restaurant includes sandwiches, chicken strips, French fries and small amounts of salad.
Generally, city hospitals are known for provided health care services to people who has the ability or who does not have the ability to pay. The services includes general care service or acute care, ambulatory services and emergency services. There are many factors that goes into the daily operations of a hospitals. The input includes staff, machinery and the patients they serves. The hospital provides 24 hour daily services in the Emergency rooms and the inpatient unit. The outpatient or ambulatory services are usually opened during regular business hours of 9:00AM to 5:00PM. The hospital is staffed by doctors, nurses, technicians, sanitation, and support services, for example from the clerical associates, nutrition department and administrators. In its daily operations, medical evaluations are done, blood tests are done, physical and occupational therapy is provided, patient teaching are done. Additionally, hospital operations includes surgeries, medical care and emergency services. The ultimate goal of the hospital is to make patient better by caring for them.
The Fitness Center is one of the most booming business in the United States. The obesity crisis, the advent of modern technology that have advance medicine resulting in people living longer. The input for fitness centers includes the equipment, like the treadmills, bikes, weights and the staff. The staff are physical trainers, the towel staff and the desk staff for the administrative activities. The daily operations includes the provision of private and group training, patrons’ education and towel distributions. These company output includes healthier people, and physically fit people.
MacDonald’s uses the Mass Production type of operating system. To a large extend the work is standard and is based on their standard operating procedure and automated. The small community fitness center uses the flexible production operating system. The trainers are flexible in the service they provide because each customer is different with different needs. Companies like this