Etiology Of Psychological Disorders

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Psychological Disorders

Etiology of Psychological Disorders

Describe the following perspectives on the etiology of psychological disorders:

Description of Perspective
Biological Perspective
Some believe that biological perspectives are genetic, and have a tendancy to run in the family. Others believe that there are brain abnormalities when it comes to brain structures and neurotransmitters. We might possibly be biologically pre-programmed for certain fears.
Learning Perspective
Biology does not explain the entire picture. Although we might be pre-disposed to a certain disorder, it wouldn’t explain why that disorder did not show up until a later age in life. The learning perspective suggests that we have learned these disorders, such as anxiety.
Cognitive Factors
According to Ch 14, pg 551, Cognitive theorists emphasize the idea that maladaptive thoughts can be linked to anxiety. Anxious people are more likely to recall information that is threatening.
Diathesis-Stress Model
A well known thought process that suggests a condition may be biological, but is brought on by environmental stressors.
Personality Factors
Assuming that “Personality Factors” is talking about personality disorders, then I would say that these are ways in which a person behaves. Personality disorders are usually dealth with for a lifetime. Personality patterns are involved with somatoform disorders, which means that person would be more likely to be able to be hypnotized.
Social-Cognitive Perspective
In Ch 14, on pg 559, it says that the social-cognative perspective is a learned helplessness. When life is going in a negative way, one is more likely to become depressed and not even attempt to think of or create a better way or situation.
Psychological Factors
“There is strong evidence that psychosocial influences may interact with genetic vulnerability in producing schizophrenia. Extremely poor parenting and the failure of developing adequate psychosocial and coping skills can increase the stress that could set schizophrenia into motion. Other sources of stress can include being raised in an abusive family, experiencing disturbed patterns of communication in the family and early trauma” (Ch 14, pg 563).

Classifications of Psychological Disorders

List and briefly describe the major classifications of psychological disorders discussed in