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Emma Richardson, the newly appointed vice president at TerraCog was concerned about a new product which is due to be launched in around 5 months. This new product was initiated due to a huge customer demand for global positioning system (GPS) with satellite imagery and also to regain their market share which was declined drastically as their competitors started selling GPS with satellite imagery which became a hit.

TerraCog is a Global Positioning System (GPS) and fishing sonar equipment manufacturing company which was founded in 1977. It is privately help organization and started its initial manufacturing producing high end sonar equipment and was always successful in translating the customer requirements into a product they loved. This skill of understanding what customers need has leaded them to build a GPS device for outdoor enthusiasts.

The new product, a GPS device with satellite imagery which was named Aerial has a higher retail cost than their competitors product with the same functionality and their own company’s lower end devices. This was the reason for disagreement between all the departments of TerraCog on how to reduce the cost and which department has to settle down on their requirements.

TerraCog didn’t recognized the potential of GPS devices embedded with satellite imagery when they saw the concept demo from their competitor at an outdoor retail show on summer of 2006. They should have done some research on how their company