Week 8 Textbook Questions: Project Management And Product Development

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Week VIII Textbook Questions
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Dr. Hart

Week 8 Summary Review Questions

1. PREJECT CLOSURE should address the needs of all stakeholders who've been with the project from its beginning.

2. Once a project has been complete describe three things it is absolutely important to do.
Obtain customer sign-off. Recognize the work the project team has done and provide a sense of closure. Review the lessons that have been learned throughout the project. (Furst, 2009)

3. List the activities that should be performed as the project comes to an end.

Verify that deliverable was completed correctly.
Ask sponsor (or customer) to accept deliverable.
Hand over the deliverable to the customer and begin support/maintenance.
Close out seller contracts.
Perform a project review.
Compile a project report.
Release project resources.
Collect project files and store them for future reference. (Furst, 2009)

4. ORDELRY CLOSURE ensures that all project tasks are completed satisfactorily and

stakeholder needs are addressed.

5. The major goal of project management is to obtain customer ACCEPTANCE of the


6. Describe the difference between project management and product development.

I see the difference in the very beginning. Project managers are responsible for the successful

delivery of a project a one-time endeavor with a goal, scope, deadline, budget, and other constraints. Whereas product development person is responsible for the overall and ongoing success of a product. (Furst, 2009) 7. What four steps should be taken to close out a contract?
The following things must happen to close out a contract.
Verify that deliverables were completed correctly.