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Understanding Earth's Resources
GLG 101

Understanding Earth's Resources
1. With only 50% of oil (if that) coming from the United States, we rely on imports from other countries around the world to support the wants of Americans. If imports were cut off there would be riots and chaos within days. In my life styles I would be unable to visit my family outside of my city. Working would be impossible with my husband’s profession consisting of an automotive technician. The ability to get groceries or any items from a store would also be cut off with the decrease in oil. Our lives would be turned upside down and many may not chose to live that way. It sure would be challenging for many and the possibility of having to fight each other for the remaining oil available.
2. Geophysicist M. King Hubbert predicted in 1956 that oil production would occur in the early 70’s. Since M. King was employed by Shell Oil Company he was able to review all production of the oil found and possibly future findings. When he investigated and graphed the oil discoveries over a period of time the results were in a “bell shaped curve”; thus allowing him to create the Hubbert Curve. This curve showed a peak in oil around 1970. Though his estimate was based on his findings he was close to the correct date Hubbert estimated; with only a year off. I believe with the same techniques used in pervious investigation the same technique can be applied to current and future world oil supply. We use geologists for finding out when natural disasters will occur and the depletion of oil all together. Oil production to me has or is currently in the process of peaking with only option consisting of down. Even though the new location in North Dakota was found will not provided America’s large population the amount needed to meet their lifestyle needs.
3. Hydrothermal mineral deposits of copper, gold, silver, and other metals have been found in countries bordering the Pacific…