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Nate Medve
Modern World History

“The Week” Essay 3

In both the United States and Spain, as expected, there was much precaution taken while dealing with the possible outbreak of the Ebola virus in both countries. The issue is a very sensitive one in these large countries as few people have been infected so far. In the United States, governors of New York, New Jersey, and Illinois have issued that anyone flying into their states that may have been exposed to Ebola will be quarantined for a maximum of 21 days, even if they don’t have any symptoms yet. The New York Daily News says that these governors made the “right call” in imposing these quarantines. On the Other hand, The New York Times claims, “There is absolutely no public health justification for mandatory quarantines.” Many reporters and columnists are taking sides in this debate but Bret Stephens from The Wall Street Journal says “The problem of Ebola in America isn’t about Ebola alone. It’s also about panic.” If people come to fear common things like airplanes, hospitals, and other public places, serious economic damage can be done. On the Spanish point of view, David Gistau from ABC claims, “If you want to blame anyone for the crisis, blame our cheapskate government.” When dealing with this virus, instead of calling in their very prepared military to handle things, the “corrupt and incompetent” Spanish government chose to deal with it themselves with “30 minutes of training” and “flimsy protective gear.” La Libertad says, “Alarmism is far more contagious than Ebola.” This is similar to what Bret Stephens of The Wall Street Journal says in the United States. The thought of panic can potentially be more harmful than anything. Unlike the