What Is Weight A Watch Marketing Plan

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Product Description-Weight-A-Watch
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September 28th, 2014
Professor Ronald Stein

Marketing Plan

2.0- Situation Analysis
Today consumers are extremely involved with their health. Technology has made an effort to incorporate applications that will allow each android and i-phone users the ability to install one of several health applications on their mobile phone.
Our organization has designed a gadget lite in weight, and you can use as watch when not using for the purpose intended. The Weight-A-Watch weighs approximately 2.1 ounces when the average device weighs approximately 2.3 ounces.
2.1-Market Summary
Our organization STAY FIT Inc. designed Weight-A-Watch based on the needs of today’s consumers, not focusing on just one type of consumer but, all consumers. During the designing of the Weight-A-Watch, our organization wanted to appeal to the masses and not just target one sort of market but, tap into several markets: baby boomers, teenagers, senior citizens, the active twenty-something adult as well as the thirty-something adult.
Currently our biggest competitors are NIKE and FIT BIT. We have completed extensive research in an effort to produce a product that would satisfy the needs of the most demanding consumer, by studying the demands of active consumers, and those consumers that want to have an active lifestyle.
Stay Fit Inc. produced a product based on our culture and we remained loyal to our overall mission.
Stay Fit mission is to promote health and ensure an active lifestyle for all. To meet our overall
Objectives we have implemented three essential points:
1. Stay Fit is committed to supporting and providing assistance for all Weight-A-Watch users.
2. Ensure that our product core purpose is to act as a support system with the user’s health goals.
3. Provide a quality product that will provide the assistance that will add value to your health goals and objectives.
2.2 SWOT Analysis

2.3 Competition
Competition: Nike Fuel Band SE
Nike Inc. has definitely become a household name, and most consumers that are active are very familiar with Nike. Nike’s loyal customers will be the most challenging to convince that we have a product that is considered a solid contender when compared to Nike.
Nike Band SE
Ability to calculate whole body movement
Targeting all ages
Calculates how intensely you move
Real time feedback
Capable to Bluetooth
Provides feedback and motivation as needed
Connect with friends
Ability to join groups
Can cheer others on
Variety of colors: pink foil and, Volt, Total Crimson, and Black

Connect with an android phone
• Nike Fuel Daily Goal: Set and update your daily goal and track your progress over time.
• Win the Hour: Receive Move reminders that give you an extra push to get you moving every hour.
• Nike+ Sessions: Keep track of the intensity of your workouts through Nike Fuel so you can understand what activities earn you the most. • Always connected: Bluetooth 4.0 technology allows you to stay constantly connected to your phone, receiving feedback and motivation as you need it.
• Optimize handsets: The Nike+ Fuel Band App is optimized for Samsung Galaxy S3, Samsung Galaxy S4, Samsung Galaxy S5, HTC One, Nexus 5, Moto X.
• Compatible Android operating system: The Nike+ Fuel Band App runs on Jelly Bean 4.3 and above. • Compatible Nike+ device. The Nike+ Fuel Band App is compatible with the Nike+ Fuel Band SE

Weight-A-Watch, in comparison will have the ability to compete with the Nike Band SE. Price will definitely be competitive compared to the price tag of Nike.

2.4 Product Offering

Targeting all ages
Real time feedback
Capable to Bluetooth
Provides feedback and motivation as needed
Connect with friends
Ability to join groups
Can cheer others on
Two colors: Black and Platinum (Silver)

Weight-A-Watch will also have the ability to sync with any android phone. Weight-A-Watch will have the