Week Five Individual Assignment Essay examples

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Project Management Plan
James Wood
December 08, 2014

Project Management Plan
Training for new HIPAA policies and procedures requires that a project manager organize and communicate the project to ensure everyone involved can work together to accomplish the end goal, which is ensuring all staff of the medical association are successfully trained. There are several parties that will need specific communication and the techniques used to communicate will vary. The parties involved in this project included executive leadership, human resources, legal personnel responsible for conducting the training, office managers, records specialists, administrative assistants, transcriptionists, nurses, doctors, and patients of
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If there are compliance issues, retraining must be considered or disciplinary action as required (Dugan, 2014).
Communication with Executive Leadership The executive leadership has little involvement in this project except to approve the project charter and approve funding. The project manager can best communicate using interactive communication over a conference call on the phone.
Communication with Human Resources
The project manager can help lay down the groundwork for the project by using interactive communication to gain understanding of the demands of the project with the HR department. The idea is to determine the disciplines, departments, and specialties that will be involved in the project. Interactive communication is between two or more parties performing a multidirectional exchange of information (Project Management Institute, 2013). This is an efficient way to make sure a common understanding takes place to provide a solid platform on which to build the project.
Project Manager Communication to stakeholders The project manager has a lot of information to give out to various stakeholders. The main method of communication for such a large audience is push communication. This ensures that communication is distributed to all appropriate parties. Push communication comes in the form of emails, memos, and reports. The downfall to using this method is it is difficult to tell if the information is understood by the intended