Week Five Trends Paper

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Trends Paper
Bshs 305: Historical Development of Human Services: An Introduction

University of Phoenix Change is common in our world, and along with changes there are new trends. Throughout the course of the twenty first century we have seen change after change, and trend after trend. There are many trends throughout our world, and they vary from one country to the next. Just like anything else in our world trends tend to change over time. But, no matter how many times the trends change there are always popular trends that people tend to follow. This paper will discuss a few popular trends in the American culture, including social, political, religious, and personal trends that people tend to have. The first kind of trends people tend to have are social trends. Social trends are used by people to keep in touch with their friends and family. Some examples of social trends in America are the use of social media websites like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Each of the social websites are used by individuals to share special moments in their lives. People decide if they would like to create an account on a social media site and then they are able to share personal information (name, birthday, location, age, relationship status, etc...) with the people on their friends list .They can also post a status update or share a picture with their friends and family and communicate back and forth by commenting on each other’s posts. Another common example of a social trend in the American culture is the use of dating websites like E-Harmony and Christian Mingle. Dating websites like E-Harmony and Christian Mingle are used by singles of all ages who are searching for love. Once an individual creates an account on their preferred dating website they answer questions that help match them with people who have similar likes and interests as themselves. Also, on the dating websites individuals can share personal information and pictures so other people can learn more about them and see what they look like. One of the most popular social trends in the American culture is the use of cellular phones. Everyday people rely on the use of their cellular phones to stay in touch with their family and friends. People can use their cellular phones to send text messages to easily communicate back and forth with one another when they cannot see each other in person. The next kind of trends people tend to have are political trends. When people think of politics they think of voting. Who do you want to vote to become the new president? Are you a republican or a democrat? But, like most personal information we do not share those thoughts with other people. Aside from the right to vote, one of the biggest controversies in politics right now is the right for gay marriage. And, as of today, June 26, 2015 the Supreme Court has officially legalized the right for gay marriage in all fifty states. Just like any other topic in politics there are some people who support the ruling and there are other people who are completely against it. The legalization of gay marriage in America has sparked even more conflict than the original debate on whether or not people think gays should have the right to be married, and this is where trends in the American culture all kind of tie themselves together. With the news of gay marriage still being a hot topic for people to talk about, a lot of people have taken to social media sites to share their views on the topic, and they have discussed their religious views on the ruling which leads to the next type of trends in the American culture. The next kind of trends in the American culture are religious trends.