Week Nine Final Essay

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Week 9: Student Course Reflection


I believe that the long-term results and the value of completing a degree in higher education gives you better opportunities to advance in not only a professional sense, but also a personal level. I myself grew up being told that I couldn’t do it, or that I wasn’t qualified for certain things. With a degree of higher education, I would be able to prove everyone wrong and give myself an overall confidence boost. It will also open doors to opportunities to advance in my career and achieve my ultimate goals. I would hold the value of obtaining a degree as very high, as well as a stepping stone to achieve success. The tools and assessments in this course can greatly help me through any future courses by giving me an understanding of how the not only how the online learning system works, but also to be able to properly complete assignments and be able to navigate through the courses efficiently.
The experiences I have had throughout the course has made me more focus and determined to achieve the goals I have set in place for myself. There are many things that this course has covered, especially showing me my strongpoints and weaknesses that I have when it comes to learning. Being able to learn different styles of learning has opened my ability to retain information and knowledge greatly. This course has allowed me to be able to realize that furthering my education to a higher level, is very beneficial to my personal and professional life. It has given me a sense of pride knowing that if I put my mind to something, I can achieve greatness and success. It also allowed me to be able to proceed in my career goals, as I want a career and allowed me to choose the path that I want to take to get to that point.
The collaborative learning environments as greatly expanded my abilities to understand and retain information. Being in an environment where the learning is very diverse allows me to see multiple views on a topic or subject. Being able to not be subjective to bias or negative criticisms allows me to gain further knowledge in things that I may not have known. Also the collaborative learning environment has made it so that learning is actually interesting and not boring and mundane. Learning about time and stress management has helped in an overall sense of being able to function on a daily basis. The skills I learned in this course have helped me not only in the academic world but my professional and personal life as well. Being able to manage time efficiently has helped maintain order in a busy lifestyle. Stress management is also a big thing for me, as sometimes with being so busy, easily I would become overwhelmed and panic. Being