Week One Assigment Essay

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Silka Holland
Class; CJA/304 Interpersonal Communication
Instructor; Lilah Blackstone
University of Phoenix online
January 27, 2013
Verbal and Non-verbal communication are more likely the most important part of the criminal justice system field. This kind of verbal and non-verbal communication can calm the situation or escalate the problem, and it can also affect the outcome of the trial. However, verbal and non-verbal communication in the criminal justice field is detrimental to all are of the criminal field. Non-verbal communication can become more important in a court room than a verbal communication, because in the court room, you have to pay close attention to your surroundings, and you have to look behind and in front to make sure there is no one in the court room looking suspicious. That is where the officer role comes into effect; they have to be attentive to everyone around them.
Listening and hearing? Are there any differences between the both of them? There are some people that think that when you are quiet, you are not listening but in reality, you are because you have to stop what you are doing and focus your attention on what is being said, because to be a good listener you actually hear what is being said. However sometime we are planning to response to the other person while they’re talking and we miss the purpose because we did not pay attention to what was been said. We are more concern in responding so we miss the point.
One example applies to my husband and I, whenever we find out selves having a discussion, I notice that my husband doesn’t take time to listen to what I have to say he just starts responding to what I’m saying while I’m still talking and that can become so annoying that you say forget it I’m not saying nothing else, so what I do, I just shut down and let him finish, and that is not a fun way of listening nor hearing.
According to the Author “You can actually listen without hearing; there are several reason for this. If you are planning your response while the other person is talking, there is no way you will hear what they are saying.” (presspublications.com) this is really true, because that is what my husband tends to do with me when I say I want to talk, he plans his response so he can interrupt me from talking. Although, there is another way you may know when a person is not listening to you, they are daydreaming while you are talking, they look away, look above your head and move around and that is one way you can tell if they are listening.
It is known that when you have all these distractions you are not able to hear what is being said while your mind is preoccupied. The other issue is, when you don’t want to hear what the other person had to say you actually go in a shut down mode, this is a way when you don’t agree with the other person. A good listener, become a good communicator when they understand how important it is to speak clearly so it can be easy to understand, and if you do not understand you should not hesitate to ask for clarification of their statements.
According to the Author “Effective communication can only occur when each person is interested in hearing what the other is saying. Both people have to make the effort to be good listener. This requires patience, respect and courtesy. Productive interaction takes intentions and effort on the part of everyone involved.” It is worth it to be a good listener, because people will trust you, and will want to come to you for advice and will feel comfortable talking to you.
However, there is another way of communication, the formal and the informal channels of communication. According to our text “communication can thus be defined as “a process involving several steps, among two or more persons for the primary purpose of exchanging information.” There are different directions or channels through which information is processed, although channels and directions of communication can deal with the flow and movement…