Mkt 421 Week 1

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Week One Individual Paper
Susan Craver
University of Phoenix
Samsung has remarkable products such as their TV's, which are incredible with high quality, great designs, and reliable values. Samsung is my favorite brand. However, I do have a Samsung Galaxy SIII cell phone, Samsung Galaxy Tab II Tablet and my husband, and oldest child has a Samsung cell phone as well, which in my opinion is reliable and affordable for lower and middle-class families. Some phone I feel are very expensive such as the IPhones, and I do not mind paying a reasonable price for a phone, but I prefer the Samsung Galaxy smartphone.
I am passionate about Samsung and its products because I do not care for Apple products such as its IPhone. Several consumers prefer Apple than Samsung and may go as far as waiting in line for Apple innovative products, which does not seem very great to me. In which I may reconsider someday, but as of today, I will stick with Samsung. However, with Samsung, I feel like I am able to do what I need to do, and it fits my personality.
Growing up I knew of Samsung, which was established in 1939, which is one of the leading companies in the electronic market, which has several services and organizations in which is located in 68 countries worldwide. However, Lee Byungchull also established Samsung within a small city located in Korea, which is named as Taegu operational as a transfer business. In my experience with Samsung, I do believe become very successful in building the loyalty of their customer relationship across the country. However, over time Samsung has developed to become one of the most successful electronic establishments with a leading effort on digital media, as well as appliances, remembrance, semiconductors, and method of incorporation. However, its profile is one in which several companies would be interesting in owning. Meanwhile as time went by Samsung increased their product appearances as well as developed their market stocks and revenue. Samsung conducts in more than a 100 countries throughout the nation and headquarter in Seoul. I believe that Samsung has done an amazing job throughout the years with their products as well as maintaining its loyalty to their consumer, stockholder, as well as profits. However, maybe Samsung can work more on their products in order to remain one of the leading companies in the world.
However, Samsung have had a huge deal of success with the appearances of the Galaxy smartphones throughout the years. However, it seems that Apple continue to remain a step before several of the most significant metrics. However, Samsung had a dissatisfying launch with the Galaxy S5, but Samsung seemed composed for another hard-hitting quarter. Based on the information provided by strategy analytics, it seems that Samsung has outdone Apple with their LTE smartphone market during the second quarter.
Both the HTC One M8 and the Samsung Galaxy S5 are two very different beasts, but neither of them is similar to the each other. However, Samsung presents a