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Contemporary Communication Challenge Essay

Professionalism in Business Communication

Jenny Du
Professor Scott Gessford

Professionalism in Business Communication
Effective and efficient professionalism in communication is very important on becoming successful in a firm. Such fast pace and high pressure, effective communication keeps a group of people on updates and work requirements that are coming up for the business goals. I believe effective communication can improve our work culture when we are professional making it the best of time and resources for effective decision making. I will discuss the use of communication in professional environs, looking how communication can improve positively in the business world.

We always learn great outcomes due to work experience and how we can use these in reality. I work at a real estate office involved in a management team on how to strategically sell homes and how we talk to our clients professionally. Working at this job gave me the initiative to have great impact on talking and answering phones with clients professionally. This role has given me the opportunity to contribute to this company when I speak with clients conservatively. Professionalism has given me the chance to build relationships with clients because the way you talk to people, people feel that trust and confidence to allow you to sell them homes. Professional communication of daily activities a group of people can easily become distracted and move off course from critical business priorities if the roles and responsibilities are not effectively presented and fostered through effective leadership and communication.

Effective ways of presenting information in professional communication in this world is to ensure the understanding of the person who you are having a conversation with. For example, a well written e-mail will state in the opening paragraph on what the purpose of the email being sent. Typing emails at my workplace, grammar structures are really important and how informative the email is. I always try to make the email formal and professional since I am dealing with clients who are serious buyers looking to purchase a home. What I learned from sending an unexpected e-mail or report to someone, this can often lead to confusion or create tension with the person you are communicating with. Effective professional communication is great once you know your audience and plan the communication to them to ensure that you have their attention and their interest, which would be effective. Receiving their feedback and comment on work you are doing and that you can confirm the message in your conversation that shows the support of your work and validates that