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Elements of Religious Traditions Paper
November 20, 2012

Roman Catholicism
For the beginning of the first thousand years Roman Catholicism did not exist in Christianity as we all know today. Only because there was no such thing back then as Protestantism as well as no Eastern Orthodoxy to distinguish Roman Catholicism. Back then in the first thousand years there was only the one holy Catholic Church and it was run by the early creeds that are known as the body of believers of Christianity around the world. Catholics are united by many common beliefs, worship, tradition and church structure. Catholic merely means “universal”, therefore it was said in the middle ages, if any one was a Christian, they would belong to the Catholic Church. However today Roman Catholicism is not the only religion accepted into the Christian Church. Nevertheless to become a Roman Catholic you must be of a certain kind of Christian. You must be a person with a vastly set of unique beliefs, traditions as well as practices that are separated and well distinct from all the other Christians. However, the Catholic Church still continues to show that the Catholic Church alone has carried on many true traditions that were used by the apostolic church. The Catholic Church has as well by tradition regarded dissenting many as heresies and not alternatives.
What Roman Catholicism religious tradition says?
The Roman Catholic Church it reintroduces the two words being grace, justification as well as their faith by undermining and invalidating the many teachings of the Catholic scripture. The Roman Catholic teachings do not have salvation as a part of participation in all the sacraments that are mediated throughout the priesthood. The Roman Catholic Church teachings are that of “she” is the mediator between an individual and Christ himself. Grace is saved and is mediated throughout all the sacraments. Roman Catholic teachings are that of saving your faith is not in trust of Christ alone for any salvation and justification. The Roman Catholic Church justifies all these doctrines teachings others that our savior Jesus Christ is indeed the son of God sent by him to die for the many sins of our world. The doctrine also teaches that god himself is known as a god of triune in consistent to being God our Father, Christ his son, and the Holy Ghost. In serving Jesus and accepting him, all believers are there for granted eternal life. All members must always accept the Catholic Church as having the fullness of revelation. According to many of the Roman Catholic believers there are the only Christian bodies that are apostolic, holy, as well as universal. The key to faith is having an apostolic succession, meaning that the bishops as well as the pope are varying authority from Jesus.
What Roman Catholicism tradition does?
The Roman Catholic Church’s public worship is it’s mainly the Eucharist and its liturgy the Eucharist is also known as the Mass. After the prayers and the reading of the Bible, the father also known as the priest invites all the faithful’s to receive there communion, the communion is known as the sharing