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Week One Concepts Review
Sivilay Chansy Hap
HUM 186
December 20, 2014
Fawn Erickson-Bragg

I have always been tuning into my local news channel which are FOX 10 News or KCRA 3 News channels almost daily. I usually like to follow up on the things that are mainly taking place in my city. Although it seems to be covering local news but I also can gain an insight on things that are happening in the Nation and worldwide. Most time when I am browsing through the internet I can also get information online as well. When I am opening up a new tab, my default page is set up on yahoo so I see most of the news coverage as it launches a new tab for me. If it is news that interests me, I do highly find myself surfing the net to obtain more sources about it. During my grocery shopping or grabbing a tea, I do normally peek at the front page of the local newspaper and scheme through the headline which allows me to stay in the loop of what is happening while I am waiting to be check out. My example is a representative of a media convergence. The internet is the evolution of today’s media. It allows people like me to utilizes and gain resources much faster than the past day. The technological merging makes it very convenient for people to search through websites or stream videos coverage at their own time versus having to wait for the program to be aired. With new technology and technology that are still occurring, information are more accessible to everyone. I do follow on…