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Process and Flow of Popeyes
Anastasia Sumner
Emmanuel College
MSM 9025
March 10, 2015 When a customer comes in into Popeyes to place an order for food, there is an assembly line of workers making sure the customer is satisfied at the end of the process. Behing the counter where the food is already made from the kitchen, one staff member is attending to the customer, taking their order. Another staff member is preparing and boxing the food to be served while another staff member is checking the customer out. The total time from when a customer walks in to when they pay and exit can take anywhere from five to fifteen minutes. If there are no errors and everything runs smooth and efficiently, there can be an estimated fifteen to twenty service transactions per hour. That number could be more or less depending on peak time of the day, how the big the customers order is, and if there are any errors in the process of a customer making their order. The order making process at Popeyes does accommodate for errors, it is all about customer satisfaction. If a customer makes an order for a four piece chicken, half spicy and half plain and the staff gives the customer a box of all spicy then the staff member who prepared it has to go back and prepare the order correctly. There can also be an error at payment stage if a customer decides to pay using a credit card and it does not work. The staff member at the cash register now has to go back and either run another card and wait for authorization or the customer will have to pay in cash. According to Schroeder, Goldstein, and Rungtusanatham (2012), a bottleneck is when the capacity of the entire process is larger than the capacity of the constraining resource. In short, the bottleneck in this process is would be a point in a stage of task that slows down production or…