Essay about WEEK2 Law Compliance Plan HRM531 Learning Teams

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Bolloman Hotels Chain - Learning Teams Project
Israel Class
April 25, 2015
Mary Gouvellis

In examining the employment law compliance plan for Bollman Hotels chain with Headquarters in Minneapolis, Minnesota. We have some four basic laws that we need to cover. We will discuss this law more in detail and I will mention a few them, especially the ones that cover the Hotel and Hospitality business. Although, Labor laws in India haven’t changed much since the departed of the British but there is a Minimum Law. The minimum Wages Act, of 1948 is one of the Law that we need to be in compliance with. It requires employers to have standardization when employing personnel. It mention total of hours that I schedule may have and what is consider overtime and how is paid (Act of 1948). In this Law also include the legal age for employees and it goes hand to hand with the “Payments of Wages Act, 1936” which can be mistaken or deceiving, the different is that while ” The minimum Wages Act, of 1948 that cover that the minimum to be paid. The Payments of Wages Act, 1936 goes into details salaries per skills, currency payable, deductions made for wages and Time of wages Periods. This Law must be follow and not been compliance could drive into legal issues and liabilities.

Other Laws that we need to address is the Maternity Benefits Act of 1961. Not compliance with this law could have an adverse impact on the employee and how they perceived the company, also we have to add into consideration that different country have different culture and not having this as part of our benefit plan could be perceive as adverse to the company not to mention to be incompliance to the Country laws and regulations. If we go into the law it has specifics terms of when to employ or not a pregnant woman. For example, cited: “No employer shall knowingly employ a woman in any establishment during the six