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Major Points
The term “internal threat” is way more dangerous than we tend to accept. The internal threat could be something that is not even seen by the naked eye especially when we have all defenses down. Whenever this term is used, it is given to something that could cause extremely damage to us personally, professionally, and even national security. Understanding the dynamics of the insider threat is important to ensure that we allow employees that work for a corporation the ability to work on rewarding projects, have the right to be able to promote, have long-time job security and know that their contributions to an organization is appreciated. Some corporations have now implemented integrity testing. This can help employers determine which of their hires are likely to engage in unproductive, dangerous, or otherwise risky actions on the job. This testing is relatively expensive so it has not been employer’s main option to determine the severability.

A. Minor Points
There are numerous ways that employees can target a company. Some may happen inadvertently and some with malicious intent. The top 3 internal security threats stated with ITsecurity.com has sparked some controversy. Number one according to them is that “your employees are selling you out, part 1”. This is prompted by spear phishing scams using email spoofing fraud to gather access to confidential data stored by corporation’s information systems. Employees could be unintentionally disclosing information to fraudulent websites unbeknown to them. They received counterfeit email messages sometimes requesting information personal and professional without realizing that it is jeopardizing the security of the corporation that they work for.

B. Minor Points One of the next big IT concerns is the loss of electronic equipment especially laptops. The theft or loss of a piece of electronic equipment could result in the loss of a company’s large sum of money. Depending on what type of information is stored on the laptop or portable devices determines what type of danger is present if disclosed. Corporations have been extremely negligent in having security measures set up to protect removable storage devices let alone laptops. It sometimes takes for something drastic to occur before they implement any type of security measures.

C. Minor Points
Unintentional access, disgruntled ex-employee and missing security patches are listed as the next set of reasons for IT security employee issues. IT professional are sometimes so overtasked that they don’t update users access and privileges to information systems. This leads major breaches in security. The need-to-know is jeopardized when you have users that have access to critical information that could be damaging if it has unauthorized disclosure. Disgruntled ex-employees have caused havoc on businesses information systems. They could set logic bombs or install viruses, Trojan horses or worms. In some instances, it could bring a company’s system to a halt and it could never be the same. This contributes to extended work hours for IT professionals and months and months to correct system deficiencies. Finally missing security patches could lead to complicated matters, security patches are critical to the maintenance in any information system. Updates and patches result in the prevention of penetrating some of the largest enterprise systems in the world today. The burden of protecting these critical systems helps relieve some the burden on network administrators today.

II. Conclusion
If you think that the likelihood of someone having malicious intent causing damage to your corporation is likely to happen, than you are a realist. Public and private companies of all sizes have incidents occurs on a regular basic. If you are not aware that you are being targeted than it is likely that crime will go undetected. Phishing-fighting strategies include implementing anti-phishing toolbars that display a