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Library Vocabulary from Week 3:

Learning Objective: This exercise will help you to have a better understanding of weekly assigned vocabulary terms related to library research by practicing to paraphrase definitions and incorporating your understanding into a summary paragraph.

Enter your answers to both questions 1 and 2 by using the electronic version of this document posted on the class website.

1) In the space next to each term and using the definitions listed on the class webpage, paraphrase the definition in your own words.

The main point of an article, book, or other publication. The abstract of the article sometimes include in some database.
A database is searchable. It can be both electronic and non-electronic, and database is organized by information. Many periodical databases are in full text; however, not all databases are in full text. There are only either citation or abstract. The databases is the index whether the information is available or not. A library catalog is a type of database that indicates the content of the library.
Specific database or catalog of a specific item or information. For instance, A “record” has the specific field to define the title, author, or subject heading.
Field Searching
Field searching allows users to search within the specific field on a database record so that it can control the number and relevance of result. For instance, searching for “Washington” in the author name field. The result would contain that word in that field. The word appear in the title or publisher location will not be in the result.
In a database, library catalog, and search engine. Limiters are the function or choice. User can use to add or delete when conducting search. Limiters can be used either before or after the result is retrieved. Some limiters change depending of the specific resources.
A summary of a source accessible through the library. For instance, a library catalog “record” contains each item library. This record contains the important sources of a book.
Subject-Specific Database
A subject-specific database that contains the source that focus on the subject disciplines. For instance, Oxford Art online only contains the information relate art.

2) Using the vocabulary terms