Examples Of Career Self-Reflection On Health Care

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Appendix D

Career Self-Reflection I

Maintaining patient files occurs within various types of health care and health care settings. One goal of this course is to help you contemplate choices for your career.

From what you’ve learned about medical records and health care settings so far, highlight the choices that best reflect your career interests and explain your reasons:

1. My career interest at this time is more oriented toward:

Primary care—point of first contact
Secondary care—specialist services by referral
Tertiary care—unusual disorders

I am more interested in primary care because I would feel more comfortable in a setting where patients become regulars and would like to work in a facility within my own community, and I know primary care consists of this.

2. If I were to work in a hospital department, I would prefer:

Ambulatory care
Ancillary services
Emergency care
Critical care

If I had to choose a department it would be surgery because this would be something I feel would be different and interesting for me to try out. I enjoy working with people and would love helping patients by providing guidance and education in areas of administration.

3. If I were to work in behavioral health care, I would prefer ____Child and Adolescent Services_________.

I have dealt first hand with this area of behavioral health for some relatives and I understand the importance of this department and the role it plays for today’s youth that are struggling with behavioral health issues.

4. The medical specialty that interests me most is: _Pediatrics.

I feel like I would enjoy getting to play a role in helping children and their families on