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My Reflection of the Mentors I Admire
Constance Lima-Gonzalez
Walden University
April 05,2015

By learning about the various leadership styles, theories, and how employees are effected by them. It proves that it is important to have a leader and follower relationship in any company or business. If a leader has no followers to fulfill goals and visions, then they will not be successful leaders. Two leaders of my choosing will be analyzed on their leadership styles, the leader-follower relationship effects, and how the leadership styles has an effect on their employees. I will also reflect why I chose thes two leaders as my mentors. In all the years I have been employed, I never really thought of picking an employer to follow, although I have admired many. I have also had many that were not so good leaders and never had many goals. According to the Gardner “When leaders effectively model their values, identity, emotions, and goals to their followers, the potential for authentic followership increases” (Gardner et al., 2005).

My Reflection of the Mentors I Admire The first person that I have chose is a previous employer who has showed me all her knowledge over the years of being a great leader, and pushing me to be a great employee and a great person. The second is a person that I admire and have all the respect in the world,he has stood by me for the good and the bad, encouraged me to do better, given advice to be better and never once discouraged me from doing anything I had chosen to do. It has always been important that their followers have the skills and knowledge to perform their duties. These two leaders have always ensured that they built a good rapport with their followers,have great communication as to what is expected of their followers. They also have always had much respect towards their followers. Making use of the transactional leadership style, whether it be getting rewards for good work performance, or making room for improvement, both have always saw to it that it showed it was noticed. Both have always made me feel important to the business. According to Hersey and Blanchard’s (1982) situational leadership theory argued that successful leadership is achieved by selecting a style based on follower readiness. By having a leader-follower relationship, leaders and followers are relaxed with each other to tell the truth, and to speak their mind when it is necessary. It is also important for a follower to remember to stay within the limits, to show and give them respect. The leader and mentor I chose, were both effective and both having great success with their relationship with employees and followers (Lorsh, 2010). One is a previous leader, who is an owner and a leader, she is honest, intelligent,credible, full of happiness, respect and sympathy for her followers. The second, is a man that I have respect for, has never let me down, has always given credit where credit is due, and gives advice where it is needed and has stood by me through the good and the bad. Both leaders, make it a point to attend meetings, always promotes within the company, notifies employees of advancement opportunities, rewards their followers for doing good work, anniversaries, weddings, birthdays, holidays, and any other special days. A leader is an individual who influences others to follow him/her (Lorsh, 2010). I have chosen to acknowledge and follow these two leaders because they put their followers first and act in their best interest of their followers. By giving and having respect of both leaders and followers, there can be a great leader- follower relationship. Taking a step back and seeing how my chosen leaders are as superb leaders and mentors. In researching leadership styles, and learning from my chosen leaders, I have found what it takes to be a successful leader and follower.

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