Weekly Current Event Assignment 2 Essay

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Weekly Current Event Assignment

Student Name: Nia Labaut Period: 6
Assignment Date: 09 | 11 |14 Assignment Number: 2
Article Title: Health
Article Topic: African Healthcare Issue
Article Summary: Health issue in Africa is a big deal. Based on my reading, malaria, tuberculosis and HIV/AIDS are some of the most popular diseases found in Africa but the paucity of access to health clinics and preventions isn’t so lucky for many families. As of now, every 30 seconds an African child is killed because of malaria. Another famous disease is called no other than Polio. This kind of virus is incurable. The chances of people who live in Africa fighting to survive vigorously, sadly isn’t strong enough due how diseased they are. The need of help isn’t enough for the population Africa has because there aren’t as many doctors needed since most of them decide to leave elsewhere for better working conditions.
By comparing healthcare from around the world to healthcare in Africa it is very divergent. For example, depending on the country and also the region it separates and affects Africa in many ways. Those living in urban areas are more likely to receive better healthcare services than those in rural or remote regions. One reason as to how it is being affected is because people living in rural areas tend to have shorter lives and higher levels of illness and disease risk factors than those in major cities. As to those living in urban areas are less likely to suffer these diseases and over think about what’s coming next. Point is all these diseases can always be passed on in a matter of seconds by someone, something, and call it a virus. Thousands of Africans are in this together!
Article Questions:
1. What are some serious diseases found in Africa? - Malaria, Tuberculosis, HIV/AIDS, Polio, Elephantiasis, Leprosy, Helminthiasis, and Trachoma.
2. Why is it that there aren’t enough health workers? - Many professionals decide to work abroad, either to escape instability or to practise where they have better working conditions and a higher salary.
3. Is there a cure for these diseases? – There is a cure for most of the diseases not all, but as for the ones they do the lack of health clinics and the cost of certain treatments can put help out for many families.
4. How or in what ways can other