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Merly Navarrete-Castellon
SPE 359: Characteristics of Learning Disabilities and Strategies to Teach Individuals with LD
August 03, 2014
Professor: Tricia Troiano
This week we talked about the importance of spoken language skills for the development of academic and behavior skills. We also talked about the many effective strategies for teaching students word recognition skills.
There are many effective strategies for teaching students word recognition skills, such as picture clues which help students with the identification of a word. Repetition is also important like having students repeat a word after the instructor, this will give the opportunity to hear the correct pronunciation of the word. Providing direct instruction to students in an explicit, direct fashion. It involves drill activities, repetition, rhyming, and practice that can be delivered to one child or to a small group of students at the same time.
In addition, spoken language skills is one of the most visible and important achievements of any child. Good spoken language skills mean new opportunities for social understanding. I believe is also imperative for better learning and communication. Spoken language skills for them mean opportunities to express about the world, share experiences, or express their needs.
When a child has a problem with his or her spoken language skills, behavior skills might be also affected, because the child is trying to express or communicate and is not understood. The behavior of