Weeks V. Usa Essay

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Weeks V. USA

Case Overview
This case originated in the city of Kansas City, Missouri. The year the original case was argued was 1913. It did not make its way to the United States Supreme Court until 1914. A man by the name of Fremont Weeks was arrested at his place of employment by officers that were investigating whether or not Weeks had been transporting lottery tickets through the mail. The transporting of lottery tickets was illegal under federal law. While conducting this arrest the officer precede to search the office that Weeks maintained at his job. This search was without warrant and revealed evidence that could possibly link Weeks to the transferring of lottery tickets as the officers had first accused him of. After searching his office the officers and finding it feasible that more evidence would be found at his place of residence officers eventually searched his home, this search also took place without the possession of a search warrant by officers. The search of his home did not lead to any type of helpful evidence to the investigation. After these searches were conducted the local police department chose to inform the U.S. Marshal’s office and the federal postal inspector. These men then returned to the home of Weeks and conducted a third unwarranted search. Weeks was arrested, fined, and imprisoned. He argued that since the officers never had a warrant for their searches he wanted the evidence that did not matter to the case to be returned to him and also that the evidence that was seized be thrown out of his court case because they were collected in a search that violated his civil rights.
What were the Constitutional issues were being argued? * What types of protection are given to the citizens by the fourth amendment of the constitution? * Can the justice system us the evidence seized illegally in the trial of an individual? * Was Mr. Weeks’ Fourth amendment rights