Wei Lee And Me Short Story

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WRITING TASK - OPTION ONE: By: Shruthi Mangalaganesh

Reflect on the prompt, “No matter how hard we try, we cannot change who we are.”

In today’s day and age, we all have the desire to constantly reinvent ourselves and fit into our society. Whether it be disapproval from friends and family or cultural norms, we are often pressurised to incorporate certain traits into our personality. Though many of us try tirelessly to adapt these traits, we often deviate back to our original personality. This cycle, urges us to question whether we are truly capable of changing who we are. I believe that aspects of your identity, such as your family and race are permanent. However, some components like our attitude and values
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During the first few days and weeks, she is greatly affected by the insults thrown at her. For example, when Amy shouts “She even looks like shit”, the girl isn't very confident and doesn't fight back. However, meeting Wei Lee, helps her change aspects of her identity. When Barry infuriates her during a bus trip a few months down the line, she bashes the back of Barry’s neck with a bright yellow cricket bat. Following this incident, Barry leaves the school and both youngsters begin to like their school. In this story, the context and environment changes for the girl and Wei-Lee as the school starts off as a hostile environment, but gradually becomes a friendlier place.

The observational style documentary, “Growing up and going home,” explores the lives of three teenagers, who are trying to discover their identity. When they were adopted into an Australian family, the children go to great lengths to fit into the society. They pick up a new language, watch Australian shows and eat local food. Moving to Australia completely changes their identity, as they have new friends, live different environment and live in a society with