Weight Room Research Paper

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While anybody can physically go into Burr’s weight room, one must pay special attention to the exact way in which one conducts himself or herself from the exact moment he or she enters and exits the weight room. This weight room is not the average member’s club card weight room that someone pays a monthly fee to go to. This weight room membership come with a 15,000 dollar plus per semester price tag and an obligation to the individual’s social life to not ruin his or her next four years of their college experience. Continuous mistakes at the weight room can cause all aspects of an individual's college life to be effected. One look on your dorm’s groupme, friends instagram, or twitter you will see a multitude of pictures, posts and videos of …show more content…
By spending part of your day after class working out in Burr you will able to improve your overall health, expand your socializing network and have a distress routine.

Materials you may need:
Workout clothing
Workout gear
Towel, if necessary

Phase I: Getting to the weight room
Choose the appropriate workout gear based on desired workout routine and weather. Bring extra clothing if needed.
Make sure to fuel your body with enough food and water so that you have the energy to finish your workout.
Plan route of travel you are taking in order to reach Burr. Remember you should plan your route so that you arrive after 5:30, when the weight room opens, and no later than 8:30 so you have enough time to finish a decent workout.
Execute route of travel
Head down to weightroom
Place belonging in appropriate area.

Phase II: completing your workout
Locate desired weight room equipment in which you plan on using.
Backup plan should be set just in case your first option is unavailable at present time.
Set desired weight in which you can complete full rep range for and full range of motion.
Repeat step 1 - 3 until workout is