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Steve Williams
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Subject Selection
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August 10, 2014
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August 10, 2014
ED5405 Infant and Child Development
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Steve Williams

The Subject Selection

ED 5405

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Dr. Kate Green

The Subject Selection Profile

Jeremiah Wilson is 5 years old, African-American male kindergarten student. Jeremiah lives in the United States of America. Jeremiahs’ father is a marine , currently deployed overseas. Jeremiahs’ mother works long and difficult hours. Jeremiah has one sister who is two years old. Jeremiah and his sister are cared for by an aunt outside of his school hours.
Jeremiah’s aunt cares for several children so she expects him to take care of his own needs.(Capella) Physical characteristics, developmental details, and schoolwork.

Jeremiah is a very physical and energetic child. He began walking at 8 months, he was able to climb out of his crib and climb onto other furnishings. He showed, and continues to show, little panic in physical activities despite suffering many falls and thuds and damages. He broke his arm at age 18 months from a fall off a ladder. Jeremiah has been looked at by a pediatrician and neurologists due to tiredness and his difficulty attending to tasks, instructions. Jeremiahs’ doctor’s indicates there are signs of ADHD, but feels that is too early for a diagnosis. Jeremiah is a intelligent child , however his coursework suffers from his distractions and his incompetence on task. He doesn’t have a behavior intervention plan(BIP) , or an individualized education plan (IEP). Jeremiah displays the following behaviors: has difficulty organizing tasks, and activities , is easily distracted by outside influences, and fails to pay close attention to details or makes careless in schoolwork, work, or other activities’. (Capella)

Explain why you picked that particular child. Identify potential prenatal, infant, or toddler events that may have impacted the child's overall development to date. Then identify the two child development theories that you think best apply to that child,

I choose Jeremiah as my subject selection, as it had been highlighted in his case that he has early signs of attention deficit hyper-activity disorder(ADHD). I was diagnosed as the age of 7 with attention deficit hyper-activity disorder(ADHD). Jeremiah and I shared some of the behaviors such as: Has difficulty sustaining attention in work tasks or play activities, Is easily distracted by outside influences, and has difficulty sustaining attention in