Welcome To The Oceanside Trauma Center Of Daytona Beach

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Welcome to Oceanside Trauma Center The Oceanside Trauma Center of Daytona Beach will strive to heal clients with potentially serious or persistent trauma related mental illnesses as well as those who are in a state of acute crisis. Our mission is to provide services to trauma survivors through appropriate screening, assessment, and our empirically based clinical interventions.
1. Intake Protocol At Oceanside Trauma, we take pride in our modified Trauma and Drug Use Intake Form (TDUIF) which will be administered to all of our potential clients (Beall, Larry, 2001). We have found that comorbid issues are highly correlated with most Stress issues, especially our military veterans and believe it’s in our clients’ best interests if we
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It is highly correlated with the Clinician Administered PTSD Scale (r=.929), has good diagnostic efficiency (>.70), and has robust psychometric properties with a variety of trauma populations. Through our research we have found nothing but overwhelming positive feedback for our assessment tools of choice. Any specific disadvantages have not been noted in the scientific community. Existing data strongly supports each respective assessment tool for continued use in both clinical and research settings. Mr. Van Winkle would be given the GCS to fill out at on his second appointment. The clinician would then review the questionnaire and incorporate valid information into a CAPS interview. A diagnosis is then assigned based on DSM-IV criteria. As an additional clinical practice both the M-PTSD and military PTSD Checklist would be given as he would have screened initially positive for ASD. Treatment plans at the OTC include the client's diagnosis, specific treatment goals, and specific interventions to address these goals. The treatment plans are signed by the assigned case manager, psychiatrist, and consumer and are intended to be a document that guides the course of treatment.
4. Intervention Plan At one point in his account, Mr. Van Winkle says, “”But there is no controlling the movie in my mind, and it tells me what I am going to face: sometimes brief glimpses into forgotten events; sometimes new,