Welding Process Essay

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Jacob Arnold
1st- Compare & Contrast

Opportunities for life

The art of combining two different pieces of metal together is not something that everyone desires to do for the rest of their lives, but me on the other hand, that’s exactly what I want to do. I love being able to do something that not everyone knows how to do. The day I first started welding was wild. It was a day to remember. I was not the greatest at first but I caught on very quickly. Around the time that I first started welding I was at the point in life where I need to figure out what I was going to do for my career. As my skills progressed in the different kinds of welding and I started hearing that there will always be jobs in the welding industry, I knew that this was perfect for me. There is a wide variety in the welding industry. It ranges from arc welding to What most people don’t understand is that welders who know how to do specialty welding get paid a lot more than the average person. They also get a whole lot of benefits like health insurance. Of course there are there ups and down of being a welder, but most welders would say it’s worth every bit of the time and effort. The average person with a decent job makes around 40k a year. Sounds like a lot right? Wrong, that’s nothing when you put in how much the average person spends in a year. The average welder on the other hand makes around 64k a year. In my opinion it is worth the time and effort putting into the job. The average person spends three to four years in college, and the average welder spends one to two years in college. With a college degree you can make more money and have a way better chances of getting those jobs that most people struggle to get. The good thing about welding is that if you have a knack for it and really want the job, there isn’t a man in the world that wouldn’t consider having you in the position. There are many advantages and disadvantages in welding compared to other jobs. A big disadvantage for welding is the working conditions. If you want one of those high paying jobs sometimes you’re going to have to suffer through some of the worst working conditions of any job. Some bad things about being a welder are that you most likely have to work in bad weather conditions, that’s if you take your job to another level and go find it some place where they need…