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Alexis White
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16 May 2013 Laziness- The effects of Welfare Some people are born into “rich” families and some are not. Those people are sometimes considered to be lower-class. Some of these families are placed on welfare, or government support. Even though welfare helps the families in need, it is not always a positive alternative, by causing and promoting dependency, economic inactivity, and punishing future success.

Most believe that it is harder for an individual to get back on their feet if they are born into a poor family. Welfare may help many, but it also can give men and women “no reason to find jobs and become self-supporting” (Introduction).The support of welfare causes numerous people to rely on others for money, while it “provides the basic necessities of life”

The thought of using someone to get by easy is not right; it is a way of promoting dependency throughout America. Because welfare assistance “pays substantially more than an entry-level job, and is provided tax free” the adult does not have to want or try to make a living
(Introduction). This advertises a calm environment that children think is okay. This belief may cause many situations in their future.

In the modern day economy, people have to work to “earn” their money or they will become inactive in the economy. When an individual is placed on welfare it takes money away from those who have earned it. Although welfare may be a “short-term remedy ... it requires deeper attention” (Rogan). At the time, being put on this support may be a good idea but after an extended period of time it can cause many to loose responsibilities, while also encouraging unemployment. Everytime somebody new starts to be supported by the government, everybody elses taxes increase. This may give others the image of irresponsible adults, which can place a negative image on welfare itself. The idea of unemployment and higher taxes can insure problems in their future success.

The success of a person can depend on their childhood. When a child goes through