Wellbeing: Inflatable Raft Essay

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Wellbeing ­ “Castaway” ( Movie Review ) We people have needs and wants. These needs and wants satisfy us, and the satisfaction we get contributes to our wellbeing. But sometimes we get caught into a situation where having our needs and getting our wants becomes hard. And this is what happened to Chuck Noland, a systems engineer who got involved in a plane crash and got stranded into an island for four years. The movie, "Cast Away" shows how Chuck Noland satisfied his social, physical and psychological needs despite the limited resources he had. The movie also shows how he changed over time. Physical needs, are needs that are critical to the survival of a human, such food, shelter, hygiene and clothing. To attend to his physical needs, Chuck Noland used the following resources: rain water, coconut juice, inflatable raft, cave, coconut fruit, salt water, clothing from the package, ice skates, leaves, sea foods, dried branches and the dead pilot’s shoes. To rehydrate his self, he drank the rainwater and the coconut juice. It is very important to us to be kept hydrated all the time. Nutrition has always been a vital need to us. We need to be kept well nourished all the time to be able to move and do things, and to provide some nutrition to his body, Chuck Noland ate fishes, crabs, leaves, coconut fruits and other sea foods. To treat his infection, he used a piece of cloth and saltwater. He also used the blade of the ice skate to remove his infected tooth. To protect his feet from hurting and acquiring wounds, he got the shoes of the dead pilot. But as the time went by, his feet started to adapt from the coarse sand and spiky stones making it easier for him to walk without any footwears. He used the dried branches and twigs to make a fire, that protects his body from the cold weather at night and that cooks his food. And for his shelter, he used his inflatable raft, and when there’s a storm he goes to the cave. Chuck Noland was all alone in the island. He had no friends or anything to help him call or connect to his friends in some way, and to appease his social needs he used the ball in the package and turned it into a friend. He named the

ball Wilson. He got very…