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WELLBEING ESSAY- community and family studies

Wellbeing refers to the condition of an individual or group and their satisfactory condition of existence including factors such as spiritual, physical, economical, emotion, cultural, and social. Ja’mie king, played by Chris Lilly, is the main character of the show. “Ja’mie the private school girl.” She is a self obsessed 18 year old who has no conscientiousness for the wellbeing of the people around her, and is oblivious to how her attitude and behavior effects her peers. She is an example of ill-being. Ill-being involves lacking health, solvency or contentment.

This is evident when Jamie repeatedly is putting her friends down, for her amusement, when she bullies people into a being her friend, and when she causes them physical pain by starting fights with them. This is an issue to their physical and social wellbeing.

She shows a lack of respect and appreciation for her parents and all they provide for her. With all the money they have she is economically speaking, well off. Although her parents try their hardest to not give in, the spoilt 18 year old pulls all the strings and gets what she wants, when she wants. This would also have an impact on her friends, making them feel the need to compete to have just as much to try and impress her.

She is abundantly racist to the black & Asian race’ in the show. Constantly putting them down and making fun of them because of their culture. This would then cause a negative effect