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Wellness Assessment Project
The dimensions of wellness are easy to follow; spiritual, intellectual, emotional, environmental, occupational, physical, social and cultural. Wellness is an active process in which one changes a behavior that directly ties into improving ones health. Balanced mind, body and spirit experience love, peace and happiness, existing how it was meant to be. In harmony with the world rotating around you. Although the process for complete wellness sounds simple there are many different small aspects to life that all have to be added together to achieve this, although it is attainable, it takes acceptance into what your faults are and that first step, going into action to change the traits that you have acquired.

I scored pretty highly on the physical nutrition category which was good to see for me, because I think I am a pretty health conscious person. I am a vegetarian and have been for about ten years now, mostly because I do not agree with the way that meat is prepared and how the animals are treated before slaughter, in America especially. Recently, I have been focusing on eating throughout my diet more healthy by eating more organic food and food that has been grown locally, to keep away from the strong pesticides and genetically modified organisms which are frequently seen in todays big company markets. After a class I took in high school called food for thought I have also been trying to eat less processed foods and only whole wheat or whole grain breads. It’s also likely I scored highly on this because I try to always consume at least eight 8-ounce glasses of water everyday to stay hydrated properly. Nutrition is the food you eat and how the body uses it. We eat food to live, to grow, to keep healthy, and to get energy to fuel our work for the day. In this section of wellness I find myself frequently questioning my eating habits in order to try to make them better and to put better nutrients into my body.

In the categories of physical for risk prevention and for moving/exercise I did not score as swell. I got a middle of the range score, which makes sense to me because I exercise but not as much as I probably should. On a typical week I try to go to the gym at least twice a week but often find myself falling off of that schedule. I generally let life act as my work out and try to take the long walk to places or use the stairs, but it is hard for a computer system to denote that kind of information. For the category of risk prevention I think it is pretty accurate that I got a middle of the range score for this sector. I drink occasionally but not very often, since moving up to Kalamazoo I find that it is more common to be in situations where drinking is the norm. It would be pretty simple to improve this score by not going out on the weekends but nows the time to do it while I am young. Even if it increases my risk for different diseases such as liver or lung cancer, at this point in my life the positives out-weigh the potential threats in my opinion. One section that I did not get as good of a score as I would have hoped for is for the category or local to global- earth environment. I think that as a whole I try to improve the earth day by day, to try to leave it a better place that I came into it as. So that generations after will in turn, hopefully, continue to do the same so that there is a world that is still alive to those future