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Wellness and Preventive Report Plan
Date submitted: August 11, 2013
Prepared for: Hospital Employees, Patients and Local communities Introduction This wellness and preventive report is to assist Hospitals Employees, Patients and the community to be aware of available programs to them. The following information is provided as benefits given to Employees and Patients through Hospital programs and insurance companies. The purpose of the report is to help keep Hospital Employees, Patients and the community in a good state of Health. By keeping these groups informed with the available programs . This will help reduce health care insurance cost to Patients, Employees, Hospitals and independent insurers. Wellness Program Assessments * Know your numbers( Lipids, blood sugars) * Body fat Analysis * Bod Pod (Bod Pod chamber measures body mass Fat vs Lean weight) Clinical Programs * Smoking Cessation Classes * Cancer education * Cancer support * Nutrition education Fitness Programs * Personal training * Certified Personal Trainers * Zumba Classes * Cycling Hospital Wellness and Preventive programs for Employees * Smoking Cessation Classes * Gym membership reimbursements Hospital Community programs * Community Preventive lectures * Childbirth and Parenting * Smoking Cessation Classes Nutritional Counseling * Weight management programs through nutrition. * Nutritional Plans * Nutrition Education

Senior programs * Senior fit * Senior Sport * Senior strength and Balance

Mind and Body Medicine * Energy medicine