Wendell: Abortion and Wendell Berry Essay

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Abdallah Omran
Mrs. Kahbeh
21 July 2014
Unlawfulness of Abortion Everyday, more innocent lives are taken away, and the victims of these lives belong to young babies. To this day, over 30,000,000 women have had at least one abortion (“Abortion”). This horrific action should be considered as murder. The right of a human being to live should not be determined by another no matter any situation. An abortion should be prosecuted as murder in a court of law because no one should lose their life. Abortion should be considered murder to help protect the unborn child because a fetus can feel. First of all, abortions are both disturbing and disgusting. During an abortion, the abortionist destroys the child’s body and causes the skull to collapse (Proquest). If a baby’s body is being destroyed in the way an abortion does, the baby has to feel something. Neonatologists and nurses are able to see unborn babies, at 20 weeks, react to outside stimuli (Neuman). To add on, causing harm to a defenseless human being is unlawful, therefore, the babies should receive justice. Research has shown that fetuses can sense what is happening around them (Raasch). Abortion is just a cover up word for murder because they are both the action of one human being killing another. Unquestionably, they should both have the same consequences. In fact, 60% of women state they regret having an abortion (Proquest). People that decide to have an abortion claim they feel pressured into having one. On the other hand, many might say that the fetus can not feel because it is not even born. Since the baby has not entered the world, they are unable to react to its surroundings. In order to have feelings a fetus has to be alive. Nobody wants to encounter pain; therefore, nobody should have to go through an abortion. With these deaths, someone has to take responsibility for his/her action. If a person does not give consent to lose their life, nobody can just take that right away. Most women do not understand the effects of an abortion until after it happens. For example, a young woman might think that having a baby will drag their life down; however, there are other options instead of killing the child. In addition, 90% of adopted children admit that they are happy with their lives (Raasch). If a person is unfit to be a parent, the parent does not have the right to have an abortion. Any individual can become successful, given the opportunity. Nevertheless, many people believe that giving up a child for adoption will hurt that child. The child would feel unwanted and would create problems in the future. The ability to give up a child is very difficult, and many people think an abortion is the better choice. The right choice is obvious in all cases. The world has to wake up and realize what is happening in it. Every day, this devastating termination of pregnancy kills more humans than the one’s lost on September 11, 2001. This is sickening because these pure innocent children have by no means done anything wrong to deserve what is given to them. Each day, over 3,000 American babies are taken by abortion (Proquest). Equally important, everybody should be treated the same regardless of size. This would be inhumane to give one human special privileges over another. Additionally, no one should be restricted from the gift of life. With abortions, women may lead to unsafe, unregulated alternatives (Rhoad). A fetus does not take a long time to begin developments. Research has shown that the heart begins to beat within 3 weeks. For this purpose, that would help infiltrate that the child owns a life. Also, a fetus reacts to sound and touch. For example, if a mother gets injured in the area that holds the baby, the baby would feel this pain as well (Raasch). In contrast, the woman has the right to choice whether or not to have an abortion because she has to carry the child. The woman is the person who has to care the child and might not be ready. Most women who decide to