Wengart Aircraft Essay

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Wengart Aircraft

Question 1: Driving and restraining forces toward acceptance of the TQM program at the top management level

1. No Programme and Project & Change Management Office

Larsen is trying to execute a big change by simply sending a memo to the heads, there is no proper planning and no well thought-out execution or implementation strategy which would have taken issue of psychological impact on the employees into consideration.

2. Not a learning organisation

Wengart doesn’t seem to have interest in researching and learning from its competitors, there is no sense of urgency in the entire organisation. It is said in the case that one of Wengart’s big customers has sent a couple of letters to the
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Question 4:

Question 5: Recommendations for implementing the TQM program

1. Establishment of Programme and Project & Change management office

Larsen was suppose to appoint a project team comprising individuals with expertise from different areas of the plant to work closely with consultant. Secondly, they were supposed to be tasked to investigate the allegations made by the customers about the quality of their products. Appointing one of the candidates with the greater influence on the work force and who has got interest in the TQM principles and methodologies.

Appoint another team that will over look the entire change approach, the team be tasked to do a thorough study on the impact that the change would have on the individuals, the way they do things, look at the as-is process and try and alter it to have as little psychological impact as possible in merging it into the new process. Try and get buy-in from different influential individuals and stakeholders within the company.

And most importantly, Larsen must have a direct contact with the two teams, both teams must have regular meetings to discuss their findings and have a planned and systematic approach as to how the change and the project is to be implemented.

Fig. 1. Organisational value chain

2. Utilise the balanced scorecard to evaluate the impact of TQM. They should use the following key performance indicators for appraisals: