Were The Two Places Where The Earliest Copies Of The Qur An Are Preserved In Egypt?

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3rd Pd. Midterm Exam

1. At what point should I stop pondering over the Qur’an?

a. When I have learned everything.

b. When I cannot learn any more.

c. When I graduate from school.

d. I should never stop pondering over the Qur’an.

e. When I start teaching others about the Qur’an.

2. List a few reasons why Allah(swt) wants us to ponder over the Qur’an?

3. What are three types of dhikr?

4. What were the two places where the earliest copies of the Qur’an are preserved in museums?

a. Istanbul and Cairo.

b. Istanbul and Tashkent.

c. Tashkent and Madinah.

d. Tashkent and Damascus.

e. Damascus and Jerusalem.

5. What are some ways to do Ibadat?

6. The word Ibadah is the derived from a root word. What is the root word and the what is its meaning?



7. Why is everything in the entire universe a slave of Allah(swt)?

8. Which of the following choices is correct about worship in Islam?

a. All forms of devotion are due only to the creator.

b. Devotion is directed to the prophets.

c. Islam encourages only ritual forms of worship.

d. Islam limits rituals and encourages good deeds.

e. Islam limits worship to five specific prayers in the day.

9. Give any two examples of human creativity that degrade their position.

10. What is the one thing Allah (swt) gave human beings but not to other animals?

a. Ability to think.

b. Ability to remember.

c. Ability to recognize each other.

d. Freedom of choice.

e. Freedom to live as long as they like.

11. Select all the choices that make a man below the level of animals. This man:

a. Does not care about others in