Were the Romans Civilised Essay

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Essay-how civilised were the Romans.

This essay is about if the Romans were civilised or not. Civilised means to have a good culture and education, to treat people with respect, being tolerant-not violent. It also means to have rules, help others, be clean, be organised and being polite.

The Romans were civilised in war because of the following answers, when they fought they had superior equipment, they had been well trained by a professional, they took advantage of their terrain and they were organised.

The Romans were civilised in many things, they included: central heating, roads, surgery, medicine laws, religions, reading, writing, numbers, and baths and toilets.

They also created the first type of baths and toilets.
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Also, the baths were clean, and the children could go in for free. Therefore, the people were also clean. Not all slave owners were cruel to their slaves! Actually, some evidence shows that some slave owners gave their slaves warm clothes or prayed for them to have graves. Boys in rich families were taught by tutors or went to school.

Not everyone could have a grave after dying. The streets were so busy that you could barely walk without getting hit or thrown to the ground! The Public Baths smelt bad, and the nights were so noisy that you could barely sleep at all, unless you were really rich. To make things worse, the houses were poorly built and they were all crammed together, so fires were very common. There were only kitchens in the rich people’s houses, Poor people had to survive with take-aways or free snacks, and they could afford little meat. Most slave-owners treated their slaves cruelly. They hit them or sent them to Concentration Camps. The Romans enjoyed blood sport, as they would force Gladiators to fight each other or wild beasts until death. In fact, the Romans would watch this as a crowd, and would cheer as the slaves died. If the Gladiators disagreed to fight, they would get burnt or whipped with