Werewolves: Gray Wolf and Wolf / Man- Wolf Hybrid Essays

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Where the legend came from and how did it begin. Werewolves are kind of hard to trace back because of the set of long stories involving humans believing that they had transformed to and from a wolf/man- wolf hybrid, Humans were educated into a world full of wars, in the olden days. Between invaders and various tribes, such as the Normans, Vikings and
Scandinavians believed they were wearing wolf skin,

Where the legend came from and how did it begin. So they were acting like wolves and they were pretending that they were wolves all of this because wolves were seen as killing machines but they looked much needy in their wars and wolves became a symbol of warrior-ism since people had liked wolves and some people dreamt of being one. They came up with the best idea and that was werewolf. Further back in history it would had told us about the roots

Where the legend came from and how did it begin. of the werewolf but historians struggled to find an artifautal evidence because it was an old belief. Werewolf's are now legend and myths because of the unexplained recent sightings of unknowing beasts.

Books/ Novels
Bitten by Kelly Armstrong
Blood and chocolate by Annette Curtis Klause
Moon called by Patricia Briggs
Shiver by Maggie Stiefuater

The Boy who cried werewolf by Erric Bross
Dense of Fear2 by Tony Gardener
Deliver us from evil by Scott Derrickson
Games of Werewolves by Juan Martine's

Graphic Novels.
Flesh and Blood By Mark