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The Other Wes Moore Passage Analysis
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"One of us is free and has experienced things that he never even knew to dream about as a kid. The other will spend everyday until his death behind bars for an armed robbery that left a police officer and father of five dead" (Introduction). This is talking about both the Wes Moore, and how one of them i guess succeeded and how the other one fails. To me it reminds me of me and my best friend Anthony, we may not be brothers (but to me he is one), but we are like opposites. During elementary school and middle school, i watched him succeed all his classes, all A's, 100's, and everything good, while i did "ok" Getting like B's or C's, not getting 100's, and just barely passing classes. But even with all of this happening, it never changed the fact that me and him were always friends no matter what.

"Joy, you can't get on him like that". My Father's baritone voice drifted up through the thin floor. "He's only three. He doesn't even understand what he did wrong. Do you really think he knows what a woman beater is?" (Page 6, Chapter 1) This passage was said by both the mom and dad when i believe wes punched his sister i believe, because they were both play fighting. He's mom walked in and saw everything, afterwards the father talked to the mom and was telling he that he was only young, how he probably doesn't know what he did was wrong. This to me reminds me of how many times i get into trouble before and how my mom always yelled at me and then i have my father to back me up. One time, when i was still in middle school, I got into i guess you can call "a fight", and the school called my house and then my mom came and picked me up and once i got home, my mom would not stop yelling at me and it's something i already got used to. Then she would tell me "watch when your father gets home from work" and I to myself was like "now i am in dead". Once my dad got back from home, all i hear is my dad and mom talking and basically i hear my dad telling my mom how I am still young, and what happen in school, its a normal thing for me to do that, to defend myself and all that.

"but the truth was that he liked going over to his grandmother's house" (Page 16, Chapter 1) This part is talking about how much