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Wesley’s World Working at a daycare can be extremely overwhelming. Ear piercing screams, dirty diapers that make you weak to your stomach, and two year olds with terrible tantrums are only a few of many features that apply when working at a daycare. However, the cute little faces behind the screams, the dirty diapers, and the temper tantrums make working there all worth it. No doubt the toddlers all have very different personalities, but there is one that stands out much more than the rest. I work at the First Baptist Church daycare in Kilgore. My class consists of six adventurous boys all around the age of two. Unquestionably I have my hands completely full. Babysitting them is like me trying to pass math class, awfully impossible. Testing my patience every chance they get can be stressful. Granted, these little rascals are my pride and joy and I couldn’t imagine working anywhere else. Being around the children every day I have memorized every detail about them. I have realized that they all share some similar qualities. Admittedly all six of them are what any average two year old is expected to be like. But in this case one child draws my attention more than the rest. Wesley James Williams has by far the most eccentric personality I have ever encountered. First off his appearance not only fits the part of his personality, but it gets him away with almost anything. Wesley has unusually long curly locks of bright blond hair, the deepest of diamond like blue eyes, and teeth like a sharks. Nobody denies that he is cute as a button, but is also just as terrible as a puppy. I could leave Wesley in a room by himself and come back to what looks like a tornado had hit. He will tear through anything to get what he wants even it is in another child’s hands. I feel like I go deaf every time he screams over a leggo he can’t reach. He also believes that he is Spiderman because of his light up Spiderman shoes. Without a doubt Wesley takes away my attention