West Point Cheating Incident Essay

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West Cheating Incident Case
Running Head: West Point Cheating Incident Case

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West Point Cheating Case

Description The success of a major corporation depends primarily on the development and completion of its mission statement. In order to achieve success, make profits and remain competitive in today’s market. Most organizations accomplish its mission by hiring personnel with high integrity, trustworthy, and dedication. Organizations are proven to be more productive when there are employees who are totally committed to helping the company commitment for success. There are
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They used rewards such as certain privedlges and given special treatment. The second part of the French-Raven Kelvin Theory. Is the identification model, which consists Referent Power. The cadet’s willing to comply and act in agreement with the honor board and maintaining its relationship and standing. This would make the life of a cadet a lot easier knowing they were supported by the Honor Board. The third part of the theory is the internalization which the expert, Legitimate and Credibility parts of power are included. This part of the theory centers on the conduct of the Commandant. The Commadant was chosen based up his proven history of demonstrating expert leadership in commanding others, which is considered as legitimate power. He used his legitimate power to make decisions, which were in contrast with the honor board’s recommendation. The Commandant by his actions lost credibility with the Honor Board but gained credibility with the faculty.

Diagnosis The case mentions the roles in which the academy’s background, history, and the demands of the cadets to comply with the academy’s strict rules. The cadet’s at all times must display the highest levels of integrity, honesty, and discipline. The mission of West Point is to prepare cadets to become future officers in the military. Having high standards and expectations, which the military considers as vital. The structure with strict guidelines.