Westberrie Middle School: A Short Story

Words: 676
Pages: 3

Will She ever be the same? It was Thursday the 12th, 2015. A not so pleasant day at Westberrie Middle School. Shelby, Grace, Erin, Rachel and Selah couldn’t wait until the clock struck 12. They had heard rumors going around the school that a spirit named Nikki would appear at the school at midnight when the spirit was originally killed. They all knew that trespassing was illegal and they could get in huge trouble but that didn’t bother them one bit. They decided to meet up at lunch and figure out what they were doing that night. “Do you guys have any homework?” asked Shelby. “Nah, just some lousy old teacher took my phone because I was checking my instagram feed.” Erin replied with a sigh. Grace and selah laughed so hard they fell out of their chairs. “It's not funny” said Erin. they continued to eat their lunch not knowing that someone was watching their every move.
They all finished their meals and went to the trash can to dump out their garbage when they heard a
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But they couldn't see anything their phones were frozen black they couldn’t text, call or contact anyone. Now they were freaked out. They linked arms and walked up the frigid stairs to the school as they looked inside they didn’t see anyone so they thought well we can’t get in trouble if we aren't caught right? But little did they know that person that was watching them earlier and the one that whispered in their ears was there. She had been waiting for them to arrive. She sat in the cafeteria the same place they had heard the noises. “ Can you feel anything? Is the spirit here?” asked Grace half asleep from the drive to the school. “ no not yet.” Shelby said. “Wait where is Rachel?”asked Emma. The girls looked around but Rachel was nowhere in sight. So they continued looking through the school. “ it sure is a lot creepier without the lights on.” commented Selah. “Ya thats for sure.” everyone else