Westchester Community College Student Analysis

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My success at Westchester Community College as a scholar could not have been possible without the Academic Support Center. I have used the services provided at the support center extensively during my two years at the college. The staff and volunteers have freely shared their expertise and knowledge with me. They have gone above and beyond their responsibility in ensuring my academic success at the college.
My first encounter with the support center was in the writing tutorial. It was my first semester at the college and I wanted to apply for scholarships. My family had recently moved to the USA at the time and I was still navigating this new place. Everywhere seemed foreign to me and I was still looking for a place where I could be comfortable and feel at ease. I am glad that the writing tutorial became that place for me.
On my way to the writing tutorial, I was nervous and intimidated. In my former college, there was no support center for any course. When a student asked for help, he/she was considered unserious. Having such thoughts in mind, I was not sure what to expect which made me
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The moment I walked in I was greeted with smiles and made comfortable. The tutor came and read my essay. As she read I expected critics at the end but none of that came. She looked at me with smiles and suggested some changes. At the end, she said, “you are a great writer”. I was surprised to hear her say that to me considering I came for help. I expected her to call me unserious and all. I thanked her and we chatted for a while. I told her about my country and experiences. She shared hers as well and told me, “Although you had to start your education all over, if you work hard and are diligent, you will succeed”. I took her advice to heart and used it till now. After that day I came in every time to do my school work at the writing tutorial. I had found my comfort area and could now explore the campus and all it had to