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Western Civ.
14-16 century , height of Christian Europe
Big religious wars
Classes were separated more dramatic not a big middle class, very low numbers in middle class
Only upper class were literate, around 10%
People who weren’t the church gave them the knowledge through word of mouth
Very isolated/ learned through gossip
1400’s printing press invented
Now we have lay people who are wealthy who can purchase books maps and atlases
Medieval time (best of times, worst of times)
More and more people affected by the renaissance, getting to the point where kings and queens establish a more powerful lead of government/ centralized and organized.
Landesherrschaft- territorial lord ship
(HRE) local lord controls a feudalist state,
They made and controlled local laws, politics and social decisions. Overlapped kings and princes orders, controlled pockets of power, different push and pull comparing their powers
Oldest son should rule but constant fighting
Sovereignty means who rules (In U.S.A its we the people)
Power is being more spread during 14-16 century
Democracy not around this time
Leviathan- A mortal God T. Hobbes fled to France when King Louis the 14th was there The Sun King
Nation States
Leave small independent states, to move to larger states attempt to create some uniformity over a large group of people using various strategies
King Louis 14th was big in this
Monarchs in Western Europe were beginning to create more balance/ uniformity.
Period of colonialism
Bring gold and silver back, establish massive slave trade, global trade, spreading wealth
Scientific investigation
Others who preceded Louis the 14th talked in smaller groups not in a large setting
Characteristics of the nation state-
Establish stability, security, order
People would come and do whatever they wanted with no consequences
Absolutist-should be therein lies all the power, however they didn’t but they did have an increasing amount so it seemed like they had absolute power.
17th century, big freeze, sicknesses, crops died, big issues. People looking for sovereignty.
Christian era the church took control, but in this time it didn’t work well at all.
Monarchy is attempting to take ownership over the nobility.
Leader must bring people under a nation-state
Old vs. new nobilities
Kings had access to titling
Titling- could become councils under the king because you gave them the title, but then you could move out a more powerful noble in order to bring in new one that you could influence to decide with you.
Intendants- appointed directly by king to each of the 32 districts of France.
Able to recruit for French army, made sure taxes paid, make sure local nobilities were behaving themselves
In order to Stop fighting was to get control over the nobility
King Louis could kill people if felt necessary.
Law were provided through the king by the king
Ruled for 72 years – longest raining king in all of European history. All the way to 1712
Louis made law by self, absolute kings made laws by themselves

Peasants vs. Serf
There were rich peasants, that could live off land and traded well and lived well
Peasants have become free and independent in Western Europe
East you were owned, you were a serf
In west your could involve yourself as middle class under certain circumstances
East, middle class was in decline.
Absolutism was reigning in both France and Europe
30 years war 1618-1648 -mckay, 482-484 - classmate 7-8 Mckay 484-489 492-503
Wednesday read in beatty pp. 65-78
John Locke
War took place in most of Germany and central Europe, Holy Roman Empire.
Bourbons- France and Spain
Habsborgs- Austrian , German relations
Hohenzallens- Prussian family develops
Romanovs- 1600’s-1917 construction of communist party
Stuarts- England/ Great Britain
30 years war last religious war/ major religious war
Problem between Lutherans and