Western Civilization Essay

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“Traveling Back in Time”
As I travel in my time machine back in time to Egypt, Rome, and England I stop and hover over a few areas and stop and take a closer look at others.
My first stop is Egypt during the Middle Kingdom. The Egyptians are calling the Middle Kingdom the Golden Age which seem to be an indication of stability. The Pharaoh is now being called the shepherd of his people and is providing the public welfare. Egypt is embracing on a period of expansion and they are building a fortress to protect the southern frontier. How interesting it is to see the Egyptians imperialize over Palestine and Syria. I looked down at Rome as I glide in my time machine and decide not to stop. Great things are happening here but I only have limited stops to make. I do see Octavian has taken control and the people name him Augustus, which made way for many things in Rome during the Age of Augustus. He proclaimed “restoration of the Republic” and a new order arises with Augustus taking imperium. This Roman Empire is depending on its Army and the army is playing an important part in social roles. Augustus is restoring priesthoods and making “religious cults.” One thing that would have made me stop is the Golden Age of literature though.
Athens during the Classical Age was the next stop I would land and tour from afar. It is a period of brilliant achievement with a flowering of democracy in Athens under Pericles. I watched some of the confrontations between the Greek states and Persian Empire. The Delian League rose up and pursued an attack against the Persian Empire. The 12th Century Europe location was the next to be seen on the map but I also decided not to land. I could see that the High Middle Ages had a rapidly increasing population and the Aglo-Saxon England fell subject to Scandinavian control after the invasion of the Danes. The Magna