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Question 1)
The differences and similarities between Mesopotamia and Egyptian civilization.
Did not believe in a positive life after death
Believed in a rich life after death
Kingship granted by the Gods, did not see themselves as Gods
Believed that their Pharaohs’ were both Gods and men
Life center around religion
Valued their ancestral ties to present life
Polytheistic religion with many Gods
Monotheism religion with only one God
No good protection in landscaping from enemies
Protected by mountains, water, and desert.
Medical cures depended on magic
Used plants as pharmacy and developed medical techniques.

Both civilizations existed for three thousand years.
Polytheism, but Egypt did eventually move to a monotheistic culture.
Both had significant mathematical and engineering technologies.

Contributions of both
Mathematics and medicine from both. Mesopotamian society also contributed Astronomy. Egyptian contributed farming, controlling waterways, when included engineering and administration.

Outcome of societies
Egypt was attacked by numerous countries and eventually conquered by Greece. Mesopotamia was also troubled by numerous attacking countries eventually being conquered by a Sematic King and assimilated into a Sumerian culture.

Question 2) Page 12, 15-16
Describe the rise and fall of Egyptian civilization.
Development began in the fertile valley of the Nile. Their pharaohs built pyramids coordinating tens of thousands of labors, during this period of Old Kingdom or Pyramid Age 2686-2181 B.C. This time also took a toll on material and human resources leading to a decline of the Old Kingdom. 2181-2040 B.C. called First Intermediate Period rival cities competed for power destroying the unity of Egypt. Civil Wars and collapse of authority maintaining the irrigation system created a negative pallor throughout the civilized communities. The Middle Kingdom 2040-1786 B.C. kings reasserted their power and reunited the state. 1800 B.C. central authority weakened. 1786-1570 B.C. saw nobles regain power but factions broke away and the Hyksos invaded Egypt and dominated for 100 years. In