Western Civilization Essay

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Jessica Turner Debate over the Black Athena 1/29/13\
The Black Athena is the theory of how the Greek Alphabet came to be. Historians and Archeologists as well as linguists believe that it was adopted from the Egyptians and the Phoenicians. The Greek alphabet was formed during the 17th and 16th centuries B.C. The Greek alphabet consists of twenty – six letters, which is what we use today. The Greek alphabet consists of different letters and symbols.
Jessica Turner They Have a Master called Law 1/29/13
The Spartan soldiers were not afraid of anything. This includes going up against King Xerxes and his army in war. They are not afraid of anything because of what they went through in training camp. They were fed black broth, which consists of a piece of pork boiled in blood, salt, and vinegar. They practically starved themselves to death. The black broth is the reason why they were not afraid to die in battle. Another reason is because the broth was so thin that after curfew they would sneak out to go steal food from a farmer. If they were caught they were brought back to the camp and were beat up. It didn’t matter how big King Xerxes’ army was, the Spartans were completely unafraid to go into battle.

Jessica Turner Socrates is sentenced to death 1/29/13
Socrates is and was a well-known philosopher. He lived his life from 469 to 399 B.C. He was a tutor to the also well know philosopher Plato. As well as being the creator of the Socratic Method. Until he was sentenced to death in 399 B.C. he was suspected of “sympathy with the enemies of the Athenian democracy.” He was put on trial for “worshiping strange gods as well as corrupting the youth.”

Jessica Turner Thucydides: The Melian Dialogue 1/29/13
Thucydides was an officer in the Peloponnesian War. It is